Best stocks to buy in the Indian stock market!

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Nifty was trading at 7600 levels on March 23, last year. Today, it is trading at 15700 levels. Safe to say, it has been an insane bull rally. While some got in early, others missed that bus! If you’re in the latter category, this post is for you!

If you’ve been actively looking for stocks to invest in, you already know that most stocks are trading very high values. However, in my opinion, three sectors have tremendous potential to rally further. A lot of this is coming from the learnings of trading the post-wave 1 markets.

Hospitality industry

If you’re an active Instagram user, you know that most of your friends were in Goa in late 2020 and early 2021. That is a classic example of pent-up demand. We can expect to see a similar, if not more, demand this year as well! I hypothesize that the hospitality industry will see the biggest spike in the Oct-Nov-Dec quarter of 2021 in recent history.

Hence, stocks like TajGVK, DeltaCorp, Club Mahindra might see a bull run soon. They’ve already started the move but are available at affordable prices.

IT industry

This has been amongst the most reliable industries in the Indian Stock Exchange in the past decade and it will only get better. Every company is taking the digitization route and stocks like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Tech have benefitted.

They’ve registered record numbers in the last two quarters and it doesn’t seem like the juggernaut will stop any time soon. Moreover, stocks like TCS and HCL Tech have recently corrected and are off-highs which seems like an anomaly!

Auto industry

Owing to the lockdown, the auto industry saw a steep decline in sales. The shares of Maruti paint a clear picture. While the sales might continue to go down for another couple of months, the speculation of improved sales might push the shares higher in the medium term. We saw a similar price rise even between wave one and wave two.

Even though Nifty is trading at record highs, I won’t be surprised if it continues the momentum. The liquidity in the market is very high and the bullish global stock markets add more fuel to this engine!

Do you think a correction is on the cards or will the rally continue?

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