Covid relief foreign aid resources: What is the holdup?


Image Source: The Print
  • 9,284 Oxygen Concentrators
  • 11835 Oxygen Cylinders
  • 19 Oxygen Generation Plants
  • 6439 ventilators/Bi-PAP
  • ~4.22L Remdesivir vials

The distribution problem

Once received at the ports, the aid information is sent to the Union Health Ministry. It is then distributed categorically, like the government to government, private to government and private to states. However, there are numerous roadblocks to the flow. Even after reaching India, loads of consignments of oxygen and oxygen concentrators lie at the airport because of logistical and distribution issues.

What about foreign donations?

In addition to the medical supplies from other countries, we also receive financial aid. While some donations have come from governments and corporations; monetary aid from foreign charities is also pouring in, but there’s a lag in delivery there too.



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