Division of Uttar Pradesh: To be or not to be?


The recent story

A viral social media news has been trending around the division of UP into 3 states, to the extent that it had to be personally denied from Uttar Pradesh government’s Fact Check handle on Twitter. So today we look at UP, and the what if scenario of its bifurcation while understanding both sides of the coin.

How big is UP?

With a population of 200 million, Uttar Pradesh is currently the most populous subdivision in the entire world. If UP was a country, it would be the 5th most populous country, only behind China, India, US & Indonesia.

Should UP be divided?

Latest attempt to split UP by Mayawati

Mayawati’s 2011 proposal was the latest attempt to split UP. Her bill proposed dividing Uttar Pradesh into four new states:

Why should UP be not divided?

It might make more sense to divide the state on a district level, although that would dilute the CMO’s power.

Bifurcation examples of other Indian states:

One of the most polarised states in the country

Uttar Pradesh remains one of the most polarised states in the country, owing to its vast population, regional segregations and economic inequalities. Hindus are in majority while Muslims are the largest religious minority. It is this cultural amalgamation that has helped our nation face extremely difficult times of terror and yet it is the glue that binds the state.

So if not the split, what can be done?

This would be a more cost-efficient and time-intensive solution rather than splitting one of the most culturally significant parts of the nation.

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