BJP+ followed up their landslide victory in 2014 with yet another thumping performance in 2019 despite the government facing heavy criticism for multiple instances of weak policy making and implementation, terrible unemployment numbers and the worst GDP growth (yoy) in 15 years.

It is unfortunate that the 2019 election results were not a reflection into the administrative capability of India’s ruling government. Rather, it spoke volumes about the opposition’s incompetency.

Whether our ideology is left-aligned or right-aligned — a basic premise we can all agree upon is the need for a strong opposition for the proper functioning of the democracy. That is effectively nonexistent.

Unfortunately, it is getting worse. Congress isn’t even playing to its strength. In the late 90s, their power peaked on the premise of youth empowerment within the party and across the country. However, after winning the state elections, they let Mr. Gehlot become the CM over Mr. Pilot in Rajasthan and Mr. Nath over Mr. Scindia. We know how that worked out.

Even after these innumerable goof-ups, the Congress Working Committee is still being led by the Gandhi family.

We’re missing an essential block in the Indian Politics puzzle. A strong, charismatic statesman with a left of centre ideology. Congress has tried to force fit Rahul Gandhi in that position and it’s clearly not working.

Today, Narendra Modi’s approval ratings are peaking and this will continue until that missing block — the “void” is filled.